Our first moorings site is located at Narrowboat Farm, near Philipstoun in West Lothian. We are exploring options for more sites but the development can take some time.

All the moorings at our pilot site at Narrowboat Farm are currently allocated but we welcome applications for moorings.

Our pricing is based in the length of mooring offered. This is worked out as follows:

Length of your boat (in metres), rounded up to the nearest metre, plus 1 metre (which is the buffer zone between boats). For example, if your boat is 14.3m long, you will be allocated a 16m mooring space. The current rate is £13.5 per metre per month.

Mooring fees are collected on a monthly basis and include waste collection (general waste, mixed recycling and glass recycling). Customers are expected to pay for any mains electricity they may use.

If you would like to join the waiting list please

Click here to Download the Application form

Click here to Download the Mooring T&Cs

Click here to Download the Mooring agreement

Click here to Download the Waiting List Policy

Please note – by submitting an application you are agreeing to the Mooring T&Cs

Submissions can be made via:

email to: or

post to: Community Moorings Scotland, Narrowboat Farm, Linlithgow, EH49 6QY

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