Welcome To Community Moorings Scotland

Do you want Scotland’s Canals to have a vibrant future? Do you want the canals to serve their local communities as best they can? Well we do too. That’s why we have formed Community Moorings Scotland (CMS), to help make that future a reality and have a good time doing so. We’re creating awesome venues along the canals which link the canals with local communities to make the most out of this amazing historical asset.

Who? Community Moorings Scotland (CMS) is a ‘SCIO‘ – a charity registered in Scotland in 2017 (SC047877). We are a ‘two-tier SCIO‘ which means that our members are in charge of the organisation and they hire and fire a board of trustees who manage the charity. Why not become a member today?

Why? We set up CMS to address two major problems: 1) the canals are too quiet and quiet canals deteriorate and eventually close (it’s already happened once to the lowland canals) and 2) all of the mooring locations along the canals are run by Scottish Canals, a monopoly that does not promote innovation or choice in the marketplace.

How? We’re in it for the long run. We’re doing things step-by-step. Firstly we are negotiating with Scottish Canals to sign a trading agreement so we can lease boat moorings at our venues. We’re five years into this process and the finish line is just around the corner. Secondly, we are piloting community-owned moorings at our test site at Narrowboat Farm. Thirdly, we are running a number of events to inform, educate and entertain boaters and land-lubbers in surrounding communities.

You! Yes, you! We need you! We want you! If you support our vision for creating amazing places on vibrant canals, why not join us? You can support our cause for only couple of quid a month by becoming a member. As a member you will also be able to take part in decision-making and contributing towards the success of our project.

Essentially the honeymoon period is over for Scotland’s canals after the Millennium Link project re-opened the Edinburgh to Glasgow canals. Already there have been multiple closures and a lack of investment in the infrastructure of the canals. But there is hope. Many people and organisations are battling this trend to turn around the fortunes of the canals we love. Community Moorings Scotland is one of these organisations.

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