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We are currently testing a membership software system which is a bit ‘buggy’. So please drop us an email or sign up to our mailing list if you wish to keep in touch.

This is only available to members of the boating community, prospective members of the boating community, those actively involved in the project or those invited by a committee member to view this area. For the avoidance of doubt, information in this area is not available to any other party including Scottish Canals staff.

Other Ways To Get Involved:

For now the best way to work out how to help is to get in touch with Iain to discuss the project and work out how to help.

In terms of ‘commitment’ from boaters, right now the only commitment required is to support the concept and allow us to fully develop it and put together a proposal for implementing it with a mandate from the boating community. We are always on the look-out for people who wish to commit more time than this, we already have a small working group behind the scenes which we would be happy to extend if the right people come along – would you be willing to do this?

Once we have selected sites and have a green light, we will look for volunteers to help with siteworks. When community moorings are in place then we will require a few ‘pioneering’ boaters to have their home moorings at a community mooring venue and thus create an income for the project.

If you’re not sure how you can help, here are some examples of how boaters already have helped (sorry, this isn’t a roll-call of everyone who has helped, just some examples!):

Liz & Billy of WB Dungraftin (Bowling): they are members of a boating club on Loch Lomond that has its own moorings so they have helped research the insurance and other aspects of this

Nic of NB Billy (Leamington): Nic has worked in the historical restoration field and has experience of scheduled monument consent and working with Historic (Environment) Scotland, he is helping to put together the case for our moorings

Jonathan of NB Tamarisk (Bowling): Jonathan has experience in agriculture and building and is helping to advise and is of huge practical assistance on the ‘land’ side of the project

Steve of NB Avalon (Ratho): Steve has a knowledge of growing/foraging and sustainability and has been of practical help on the land as well as general support

Alastair of NB Kelpie (Ratho): Alastair has knowledge of the business planning and corporate world and is helping to liaise with Scottish Canals to get the best deal possible for us and plan the behind-the-scenes aspects

Andy Carnduff: Andy has engineering knowledge and is helping with the design of semi-permanent lower-cost mooring structures

Bernadette & Dougie of NB Pendle (Falkirk): Bernadette & Dougie are craftspeople and have pledged help with the building and features of the land

Graeme Harvey of MV Flying Fox (Linlithgow): As a local and past chair of LUCS Graeme is helping to advise on the local issues e.g. working with the council on planning issues etc

Neil Kitchener of NB Ducking (Auchinstarry): Neil has joined the ‘behind the scenes’ crew to help set up Community Moorings

Ian Law: Ian (whose boat is currently being built!) has been helping on site to build the workshop

Verity of NB Billy (Edinburgh): Verity has been helping with the branding and community consultation site

Graeme and Wendy of NB Tiger (Auchinstarry): Graeme and Wendy have been helping on site with some DIY and sourcing some fun stuff for Narrowboat Farm

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