Welcome to the ‘Community Moorings’ website. Community Moorings will be a range of desirable mooring locations, designed and managed by the boating community as an alternative to Scottish Canals' Moorings.

In challenging times for the canal system, we have come to realise we can no longer rely on Scottish Canals to provide every aspect of our boating experience. Community Moorings are an opportunity for boaters to contribute to a vibrant future on the canals.

Since 2015 we have been transitioning carefully from idea to reality with the backing of the boating community. So if you are a boater, or hope to be soon, please keep in touch with progress through this website and contribute if you can.

Community Moorings: amazing places on Scotland's Canals

What Are Community Moorings? And Why?

Find out exactly what they are and why we believe they could and should happen.

Narrowboat Farm

This is the pilot site for Community Moorings, which is co-located with an organic market garden.

Become A Member

This gives your options for membership and also details other ways to get involved with the project

Contact Us

Get the contact details for the Community Moorings team if you want to give us a shout...